Canadian Food Safety Group


Canadian Food Safety Group offers several audit services varying from regulatory based audits to self-assessment audits. Our team is able to use its extensive background to lead the food industry through not just audits but also to examine their facilities and provide expert advice on procedures, programs and documents . In addition to food safety and quality audits, we also specialize in audit of your Crisis Management Programs and Occupational Safety and Health.

Canadian Food Safety Group offers several auditing options. They can be general or specific and they can cover an entire operation or a single process or commodity line. Audits are intended to find, evaluate, correct and prevent recurrence of any sanitation or food safety deficiency. Canadian Food Safety Group professionals are trained to look for physical, chemical, biological and operational oversights that are not always evident to others. Health hazards are always priority with any Canadian Food Safety Group detection procedure.

In addition to identifying conditions that may be detrimental to a food operation, Canadian Food Safety Group professionals make recommendations for practical solutions based on cost-effectiveness. They are able to do this though their teamwork and vast exposure and experience in several food and associated operations.

A closing meeting is always held at the conclusion of every audit so that the findings and recommendations can be reviewed with the facility management and staff. If the ratings system requires it, the grade or score is reported at this time. All critical and important findings are listed in writing and left with the plant. A formal report is sent to all designated senior management. 

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